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Enjoy Mini Golf With Your Friends & Family!

Our Course Is A Hole-In-One!

Lose yourself in the vibrant world of Ghostly Manor’s blacklight mini golf, where your usual game takes on an alluring, glowing twist. Embark on a pulsating voyage through mysterious caves, enthralling waterfalls, and enigmatic woods, culminating in the ultimate showdown with a fearsome dragon spewing fire.

Ghostly Manor uplifts your standard mini-golf experience into a vivid, interactive quest for victory. This innovative approach has made Ghostly Manor the go-to spot for mini golf!

As the sun lowers its gaze, our golf course emerges amidst twinkling neon lights, creating a truly magical environment for an unforgettable family night out. With a starry sky overhead and the radiant glow of our mini golf course spreading beneath, experience an evening filled with laughter and love. If you find yourself in or near Sandusky or Norwalk, don’t miss out on a unique family-friendly treat at our mini golf course.

At the core of this awe-inspiring twilight golf adventure is the spellbinding saga of the Wizard of Wimblebain. As golfers transform into valiant apprentices, they navigate through a complex labyrinth, aiming to overcome hurdles and save their beloved mentor. This magical plot unravels as you journey through each swing and putt at Ghostly Manor Thrill Center.

Have fun in our exciting mini-golf area!