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Experience High-Tech Fun With Our Laser Maze

Quick on your feet and up for a challenge? Check Out Our Laser Maze!

Dive into an extraordinary adventure at Cleveland’s Ghostly Manor Thrill Center, inaugurated in 2017. This thrilling sanctuary welcomes the bold and the brave to experience the unparalleled Cleveland laser maze.

Within Ghostly Manor, you’ll explore a world where light twists and shadows speak, confronting our laser maze game’s challenges with agility and wit. This captivating journey has united Cleveland locals and distant adventurers alike with joy and celebration.

Ghostly Manor is more than just thrills; it’s an accessible adventure for everyone, offering exhilarating fun for just $3 per game. Compete for a spot on our celebrated Top 10 Leaderboard and immerse yourself in an ambiance filled with friendly rivalry.

Situated in the vibrant heart of Sandusky, Ghostly Manor invites you to break free from the ordinary and embark on a unique experience. Gear up for adventure, navigate our laser maze, and create lasting memories. Step into Ghostly Manor and step into the extraordinary.